We aim to build a future of clean, flowing water for all texans

Texas has an uncertain water future.

The population in Texas is expected to double in the next three decades. Where will we get the water to sustain that growth, especially during droughts?

We’re working toward a solution.

We are harnessing the power of market-based transactions and technological innovation to achieve long-lasting water supplies for all Texans, using all sources of water, including rainwater, wastewater and groundwater.

Our Objectives

Texas Water Trade has the skills and the experience to point Texas towards a more sustainable water future.

- Carlos Rubinstein, former chairman of the Texas Water Development Board


Achieving on-the-ground progress in the next three years


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Request for Proposals: Financial Officer Services

TWT is seeking a Financial Professional specializing in nonprofit finances to assist us in improving our fiscal infrastructure and financial management.

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Request for Proposals Jacob’s Well Options Assessment

TWT is seeking a qualified engineering firm to perform an options assessment on Jacob's Well.

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Request for Proposals: Ag Producer Outreach for Comanche Springs

Texas Water Trade is looking for a qualified ag professional to support our irrigator outreach for Comanche Springs.

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A Conversation with Kyle Garmany of The Nature Conservancy on Building Water Markets

Kyle Garmany, Water & Agriculture Program Director at The Nature Conservancy in Texas, has spent his career working on keeping water instream for the benefit of the environment.

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TWT July 2020 Newsletter

Read our July 2020 newsletter here.

Water News

Texas Water Trade launches first-of-its-kind statewide water market program

Texas Water Trade (TWT) announced today the launch of an ambitious new program to advance voluntary water transactions in key rivers and basins across Texas.

Water News

Request for Proposals: Texas Water Market Makers

Texas Water Trade is seeking proposals from a consultant or consultant team who can support delivery of the Market Makers onboarding process.

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