Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Texas Water Trade’s mission is to build a future of clean, flowing water for all Texans using market-based solutions. 

Delivering on that mission includes recognizing the reality that, today, who has clean water and who lives without it is more often than not shaped by race and ethnicity, by household income, by community prosperity and by privilege. 

We affirm that clean water is a basic human right, and we commit ourselves to advancing water solutions that are accessible to every community in Texas. 

To advance the goal of universal clean water access, we must seek out clean water champions who represent the true diversity of our great state. In addition, we must strive to enable every community that would seek our partnership to advance clean and equitable water solutions. Welcoming and recruiting diverse perspectives to our staff and board is a foundational part of our approach.

We invite opportunities to co-create innovative, inclusive and collaborative water solutions for Texas, today and for future generations. Because everyone, everywhere, deserves clean, abundant and affordable water.