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Our Principles and Commitment

Texas values, Texas landscape

Working across the diverse cultures and landscapes of Texas, we seek to leverage Texans’ commitment to private property rights and market forces to achieve sustainable, abundant water for people and nature.

Global relevance

As the 10th largest economy in the world, Texas has all the human and capital resources it needs to achieve its full potential, unimpeded by water insecurity. We believe that by investing in innovative solutions to its own water challenges, Texas can become an exporter of these solutions to the rest of the world.


We rely on science to inform our decisions and work to advance scientific understanding of how we can optimize outcomes for natural resources and human economies.


We view access to clean water as a fundamental benchmark of economic vitality and will work to advance market and technological innovation in ways that can benefit all Texans, no matter their income or zip code.

Mutual gains

Durable solutions to water insecurity must advance the interests of multiple stakeholders. We will facilitate the co-creation of lasting investments among diverse economic stakeholders to demonstrate that clean, flowing water is achievable for all Texans.


Partnerships, collaboration and sharing of ‘lessons learned’ are core foundations of our work across Texas.