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Who We Are

Texas Water Trade’s mission is to catalyze sustainable water transactions in Texas to ensure clean, flowing water for people and nature.

We were founded in 2018 with catalytic support from the Harte Charitable Foundation. Our vision is durable, long-lasting water supplies in Texas that ensure future economic growth, ecological resilience and abundant water for present and future generations, no matter their income or zip code.

Texas Water Trade has met and exceeded all the expectations we had when Harte Charitable Foundation helped get it started.”

-Chris Harte, Harte Charitable Foundation Board Member

The Texas Opportunity

Over the next 30 years, Texas's population is set to double, driving a projected 35 percent increase in municipal water demand.

While cities and industries are well positioned to capture the water they'lI need to enable this growth, downstream water users such as agricultural producers, rural communities and our rivers and bays are less water secure than ever before. Avoiding these potential water shortages will require investments that transcend sectors and enable innovative tools that will work in Texas' pro-property rights culture.