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Texas Water Trade has released its highly anticipated Net Zero Water Toolkit

For immediate release: April 10, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Water Trade has released its highly anticipated Net Zero Water Toolkit, an online resource designed to assist developers in incorporating water reuse technologies in new buildings. The toolkit was first unveiled in front of a national audience at the WateReuse Association’s Onsite Water Reuse Summit at the U.S. EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C., where Texas Water Trade CEO, Sharlene Leurig, presented on financing tools for water reuse.

The toolkit is now available online at Using this resource, Texas Water Trade will collaborate with land developers and water providers to make buildings that capture, treat and reuse their own water the new norm in Texas. Buildings that incorporate Net Zero Water strategies and already exist in Texas demonstrate the incredible promise of onsite reuse – demanding 75-90% less from shared water supplies than typical buildings.

“Texas Water Trade believes that our state’s growth can be a new water supply in Texas if we design buildings to capture, treat and reuse their water onsite,” said Leurig. “Buildings can capture water in multiple ways – from air conditioning condensate to rainwater, stormwater, foundation drainage and even treated wastewater. In some instances, buildings can even generate more water than they demand, becoming net zero or even net positive.”

Net Zero Water is an approach designed to address the significant gap between future water demand and supply. According to the 2022 State Water Plan, Texas is projecting a 73% population increase over the next 50 years, with a 63% increase in municipal demand. Over the same period, the state’s existing water supplies are projected to decline by almost 18%.

The development of Texas Water Trade’s Net Zero Water Toolkit was made possible thanks to an initial grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority through its Firm Water Conservation Cost-Share Program. Further funding support was provided by leading sponsors Aquacell by PHOENIX and Austin Water with additional support provided by Unicorn Service Solutions, LLC.

“Having a reliable water supply is critical to the future of our region,” said John Hofmann, LCRA Executive Vice President of Water. “It’s important to use water wisely and incorporate smart, water-saving technologies in all areas, including how new developments are designed and built. Having an online toolkit available to assist developers with planning for onsite reuse is a great idea, and we applaud Texas Water Trade for this innovative approach to water management.’’

The toolkit’s content was created with the support of a real estate advisory group representing land development and commercial real estate convened by Texas Water Trade. Additional review was provided by more than two dozen national experts from a diverse field including the water management and water technology industries.

“Texas Water Trade is doing a great service for the state of Texas by developing the toolkit,” said Ben Arnold, product manager at Aquacell by PHOENIX. “The toolkit is a great first step for anyone wanting to educate themselves about the nuances of water recycling for in-building reuse. Texas Water Trade’s work to further awareness about water conservation is essential to protect our most vital natural resource. Aquacell is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Texas Water Trade, and we are excited to witness the impacts of their work.”

The toolkit’s release is especially timely in Central Texas, where the Austin City Council recently voted to approve GoPurple, a program that will dramatically scale reclaimed water and onsite water reuse in the city. By 2040, the program is projected to save the City of Austin 16 million gallons of water a day through a mixture of onsite and centralized water reuse.

“Every drop of water that is captured, treated and reused for maintaining landscaping and flushing toilets, amounts to saving millions of gallons of purified drinking water from spiraling down the drain,” Austin Water Director, Shay Ralls Roalson says. “Austin Water is proud to support this Net Zero Water Toolkit, which is critical given the drought we are currently experiencing and climate impacts that may affect our water supply in the future.”
In the coming months, Texas Water Trade will promote the Net Zero Water Toolkit at various convenings throughout the Texas Triangle, the region between Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston, which is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

About Texas Water Trade
Texas Water Trade is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 2018. Its mission is to catalyze sustainable water transactions in Texas to ensure clean, flowing water for people and nature.


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