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TWT is hiring a Net Zero Water Engineer

About Net Zero Water
The Texas Triangle—the region between Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston–is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. Meeting the water demands of this dizzying growth without starving downstream communities of water they rely on for agriculture, industry and environmental flows cannot be achieved through water conservation alone. We need investments in reliable water supplies that truly add new water to our state’s portfolio. Texas Water Trade believes this can be achieved if we look at growth as a source of water – not just a source of demand.

Net Zero Water is a design goal where development secures its own water needs through the capture, storage, and treatment of compatible water sources found onsite, including rainwater, stormwater, graywater, blackwater, air conditioning condensate, and foundation drainage water. Through a Net Zero Water approach, developments establish their own supplies of sustainable, climate-resilient water while minimizing their total water consumption. Net Zero Water offsets water demands and advances sustainable water management, enabling more strategic future development.

Texas Water Trade has been one of the state’s champions in advancing approaches to Net Zero Water. We played an integral role in the adoption of Austin’s onsite water and reclaimed water ordinances. We have enabled greenfield and retrofit projects across Texas to finance water reuse through PACE financing. On April 10, 2024, we will be launching our Net Zero Water Toolkit, which aims to guide Texas property developers, Texas owner/operators and other professionals engaged in land development through the landscape of Net Zero Water, from design, to permitting, to maintenance.

To meet our goal of expediting water reuse across Texas, we now need a talented leader to build our Net Zero Water Program.

About the Position
The Net Zero Water Engineer (“Engineer”) will skillfully develop a program that balances the delivery of services to paying clients with collaborative efforts to scale water reuse across Texas.

For complete details and application instructions, please see the job posting here.

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