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Our Objectives

How We Invest

Texas has vast financial resources to support innovative water resilience projects. The Texas Water Development Board, one of the best capitalized water banks in the world, manages a half-dozen funds designed to help rural and urban communities meet long-term water needs. Texas is also home to dozens of major corporations, all of them water-dependent, who also want to invest in durable water solutions.

We intend to demonstrate how public and private funding sources can invest in market solutions that will enhance the resilience of our state’s water supplies. We will work to enable investments in new forms of infrastructure – from on-farm improvements to net-zero subdivisions – to show that water resilience comes in many shapes and sizes. We will act as a go-to organization for corporate, philanthropic, state and federal funders looking to support such activities, whether with existing funds or by designing new funding vehicles.

And beginning in 2020, we will launch the Texas Flows Fund to catalyze proof-of-concept projects that deliver water resilience projects in priority basins.