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Our Objectives

How We Transform

Texas has long relied on rivers, reservoirs and other surface waters to meet its water needs. But we need new strategies. The state’s population and economy are growing and conditions are becoming hotter and drier.

While floods can cause huge surges, many of our rivers are running lower than in years past. Groundwater resources are also declining in many areas due to population growth and rising water demand. Across all sectors, Texans are beginning to realize that the water supply projects that worked in the past may not be able to meet everyone’s needs in the future. Downstream water users such as agricultural producers, rural communities and the environment are especially vulnerable to water shortages during dry periods. To avoid such scenarios, we need to invest in realistic, long-lasting water solutions that increase the total water supply statewide. But we need new models to realize that goal.

We intend to unleash innovative planning and market solutions to incentivize using all sources of water, including rainwater, wastewater and groundwater in ways that create net increases in our water supplies. By doing so, we can grow the economy while keeping more water in our rivers, aquifers and bays.