Announcing Our 2020 Competition for Texas Water Market Makers. To learn more about becoming a Market Maker, please see the RFQ and the submission portal.

A new program to help conservation groups pursue water resiliency projects

Texas has much to learn from the Columbia River Basin in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past two decades, 1.6 million acre-feet of water has been restored to thousands of miles of streams that were once impassable for trout and salmon. This success is due in large part to major investments and technical resources by the Columbia Basin Water Transaction Program, which trains conservation practitioners how to pursue and execute water deals to keep water instream – often in cooperation with farmers.

We plan to replicate that success in Texas. In 2020, we will launch Texas Water Market Makers, a competitive program that will award technical resources to eligible conservation entities in priority regions across the state. The program will steer resources to organizations with strong track records in land conservation and a commitment to integrate flow protection and restoration into their work.

We will also provide hands-on support in water rights permitting and valuation, hydrological modeling and ecological monitoring – skills that would otherwise be beyond many organizations’ reach and that are critical for protecting water flows through market transactions.

A key near-term priority is to identify geographic priorities and quantitative targets for flow restoration and protection goals. We will also pursue diverse funding resources that can support this program, including launching a Texas Flows Fund to deliver proof-of-concept transactions in basins across the state and demonstrating that market solutions can create water resilience for people and nature.