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Mary Kelly

Mary is currently a Partner at Culp & Kelly LLP, a mission-driven law and policy firm that is focused on water and natural resources in the American West. Previously, she managed a consulting firm, Parula, LLC that dealt with freshwater concerns, representing clients such as The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). From 2002 through 2010, she served as Vice President for EDF’s Rivers and Deltas program, promoting stream flow protections in Texas, as well as managing EDF’s water work in California, Louisiana and North Carolina. Prior to that she led the Texas Center for Policy Studies for 13 years. The Center worked on a variety of environmental projects in the state, including U.S./Mexico border environmental issues,  water policy, toxic pollution and pesticide regulation. Her earliest legal work was with the partnership, Henry, Kelly, Lowerre, and Frederick, a Texas firm dedicated to representing non-profit groups, ranchers, farmers, and neighborhood associations in environmental matters.

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