The state’s economy is thriving and businesses of all kinds are building new facilities and creating demand for new housing. All of these activities are water dependent and will require investments in durable water supply solutions.

Innovative water technologies, such as onsite capture and reuse of wastewater, stormwater and rainwater, hold great promise to help businesses and developers meet their water needs in cost-effective ways. Texas Water Trade is eager to work with companies, in tandem with local communities, to develop market-based solutions to achieve these goals.

We are especially focused on Net Zero: growth that, through thoughtful design, does not demand a net increase in water consumption. Net Zero has the potential to satisfy new water demand with new sources of water that are created by new development. Illustrating this potential, buildings that treat wastewater onsite for non-potable water reuse – such as toilet flushing, chilling operations and outdoor irrigation – can operate with only 10 to 25 percent of the water demanded by a typical building. This means significant long-term financial savings for businesses and extraordinary gains in the ability of existing water supplies to support future growth.

In our convening role to catalyze water offset projects in Texas, we can help companies expanding their operations to achieve Net Zero through their own operations or through offsets that advance Net Zero in local schools or other public spaces.